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1 Year

Happy Saturday! Can you believe it's been a year since we bought our house? The official date is April 5th - that was our closing date. We have done so much to the house and yard since then! The house is finally a home.

Up next, the yard! I have prepared the lower garden for the new planting season and I am waiting (impatiently) for the shed garden to be fenced in. The Dutch garden by the basement door is finally cleared of evergreen and has some flowers planted. I am waiting for some warmer weather and for seedlings to grow to finish planting there. I am considering taking a Master Gardening class in the fall or spring.

We traveled to Chicago in Mid-March for Mark's retirement party. The closing out of a long, successful career. It was nice to be back to good food and good friends. We made a stop in southern Illinois at Giant City for an overnight stay. We have been a few times and we enjoyed it.

My friend Colleen came in for a week long visit and did we pack in a ton! Our favorites were the zoo and the art museum.

April will be a month of working my businesses, working on cards, getting the gardens going and helping out at the Archives along with taking photos for the church directory. Sounds like a full month!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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