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2021 - A New Beginning

Don't we all want January to be a fresh start? Aren't we all hoping that 2020's issues are in the past? Some of them will be. The election has been decided, a vaccine is available, sports have fans in the stands. But there are things that won't change so quickly - masks, social distancing, large gatherings. So the new year brings adjustments to what is the new normal in the world.

I learned a lot in 2020 about myself, people that surround me, the world itself. For me it was one of the worst years of my life and on the flip side, one of the best. I am not the same person I was in January 2020 and that is a good thing. I fell deep into the hole but the climb out made me a better, more enjoyable person. My husband even commented the other day about how relaxed I was as a person - well, he actually asked me if I was on drugs because I was so chill. LOL I've lived most of my life (as my sister would say) intense! I am a very intense person. I am learned to ride the wave, whatever the wave may be.

This year my word is "Centering". I need to center myself so I can better myself even more. I am really looking forward to this year - it will be a year of change and instead of freaking out about it, I am going to accept it and embrace it as it comes - the Wave that I am riding.

I look forward to sharing with you throughout the coming year - please share with me too!

Happy New Year!

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