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Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Happy Monday!

I’ve been reading a lot about rest lately. I see it everywhere – magazines, the Calm app, books. It seems to be the trend for this coming winter. Is it a foreshadowing that we will be stuck in our houses and that our bodies will need to rest in order to handle the stress? I can’t predict the future.

The other day/night I not only took a nap during the day, but I also slept 12 hours that night and I wasn’t guilty about it. I must have needed it. How I find myself taking more rest breaks and not feeling bad about it. Instead of trying to do everything in a day like I am used to, I am learning to live with piles knowing that when I feel like it or really need to, those piles will be dealt with.

Take a page out of Mercury's book and rest up and enjoy the last month of 2020!

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