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Election Week

What a week! Did you get out and vote? I did and it seems like a lot of people wanted their voices heard – on both sides – for this year’s election. My husband and I voted early so we didn’t have to go out on election day. I actually only went out that day to walk the puppy and the polling place down the block from me was empty which was surprising. The rest of the day was a nightmare for me. My anxiety went through the roof. I couldn’t get it in check all day long. I was working remotely that day and didn’t even get out of my pjs. I cried off and, on all day, long too. When my husband got home, we listened to 70s music and had a few cocktails. I didn’t want to watch anything about the election. I went to bed thinking the vote was going one way and woke up to the vote going the opposite way. I feel like I need to be neutral in this blog, but I will say I vote for the candidate that I think will be good for this country, not necessarily always my political background. This year I voted my political background.

So here we are on Friday and the counting continues and the lawsuits have started, and the country is on pins and needles, me included. My husband is working his 8th day in a row and no days off in sight. It is very stressful for him and for me. I had another anxiety attack yesterday. Two in a week is not good. I was able to get myself into the shower and over to my doctor. Getting out helped. I took the pup out for a walk in the beautiful weather and then went to my local wine club with my best friend.

I am glad today is the end of the week and I am looking forward to pizza Friday and a great weekend. The weather is going to be just spectacular!

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