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Friends, Friends, Everywhere Friends

Wow - August was a busy month! We have a ton of visitors, we did a ton around the house, I did a ton with my businesses and we made new friends!

I was very fortunate to have my sister Cindy come and spend a week with me to get my two “peaceful” areas put together – my craft room and my potting shed. We whipped through them both and still had time to hike and play in the pool (and shop!) The transformation of them both is amazing and I am forever grateful to her for being here. Just a short week later, my friend Amy came back for a quick weekend and we of course had a wonderful time! Our friends from Chicago, the Littles, vacationed in Gatlinburg so Mark and I went over to Sevierville to have lunch with them and celebration Steve’s retirement from the fire department. More friends visited later in Chicago as they were passing through to Florida. Geno and Elizabeth left their dog with us to watch and Mercury was all about a playmate for a few days!

And it is my birthday month! I had my first party at our new house. I love having parties but of course I was nervous about having new friends over and would they all get along, blah, blah, blah – of course it was such a fun night! On my birthday, I went shopping for 7 hours and found some really awesome finds for my shed and gardens. Oh happy day!

So, I have a lot on my plate selling Thirty-One, Stampin Up, Young Living and working part-time still. I am finding my groove with all of them and learning to manage them all.

I have made time to tend to my gardens and I learned how to compost this month! I also learned how to dry seeds from my cucumbers and I have 6 packets to share!

Finally, our furniture is starting to arrive. This week we should have our first ever purchased bedroom set as a married couple! Crazy right? We also decided to get a kitchen table as entertaining in the kitchen is rough without one.

We hiked a new location this month too – Big South Fork National Park and saw a bear! It was a rugged 4 mile path and it showed us how out of shape we are! Good thing we have gotten into a workout schedule and we hit the gym 3 days a week and I do yoga the other two days. I am even starting to get back to running on the treadmill, not just walk.

I was asked to write an article for a friend and I am hoping that I can share that here soon!

I appreciate you all, my loyal followers! Let’s march into September and Fall!

Me and My Sister!

The Finished Craft Room

Hiking in Big South Fork

One of my recent creations

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