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Goodbye Chicago!

It's official! We closed on our Chicago house yesterday. Now I get to focus on making a home here in Tennessee. It feels good.

I have a garden growing outside my back door. I have tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelon, peppers, brussel sprouts and some herbs. The garden is doing really well and we already have 4 cucumbers. I do have someone eating the sprouts so I will have to do some research on that this week. My marigold garden looks fabulous. I did have to mulch it a few weeks ago because the weeds are just horrible. I just bought some weed barrier from Farmer's Almanac. I will try that out next year. I did hear about a plant that I always thought was a weed but is really a perennial and has medicinal properties, it's called Broadleaf Plantain. I actually tried it out on my bites and it seems to do a better job than a cortisone cream.

We really enjoy our pool. It's nice to just hang out and relax (which is something I have to train myself to do). The house is coming together nicely too. Mostly everything is unpacked. We hired a handyman to install new ceiling fans and do some other odd jobs. I still have my craft room to work on and my shed but saving those for later in the month.

I found a Lutheran church and I've attended twice. Mark joined me today. I think it's going to be a good fit. Everyone has been very nice so far. We found a new restaurant in town for breakfast after church.

The next two weeks will be finding a grove with work/play and see new sights.

Have a great week! Talk soon.

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