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Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween! I have a 5k planned with my BFF, Colleen and breakfast with mimosas! I packed up bags of candy in case COVID doesn't keep the kids away. Halloween is my second favorite holiday - Christmas is my first! I decorate inside though, not outside. My neighbors decorate enough for the entire block! I have spooky house and light up pumpkins and toys that make noise. I have old fashion window decorations on all of the windows in the porch and a scary black lace door covering on the front door.

I have been watching Halloween movies all week. Some I've never seen. My favorite is Charlie Brown's Halloween but it isn't on regular TV for the first time so I have to figure out how to get it on Apple TV (which we have, I just don't know how to work it well). Bram Stoker's Dracula and Sleepy Hollow were new to me this year. I liked them both. I watched a few animated shows too.

If you go out today, be safe! Happy Halloween!

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