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Happy New Year!!

Happy 2022 to my followers! It’s been a different start to the new year. Warm weather and no snow! we did celebrate with our Tennessee crew on New Year’s Eve and that was really nice.

I have started the new year on the right fitness path. Back on the treadmill and back to yoga! Strength training starts next week.

The new business adventure started today too! Getting myself organized so I can train and come up with a game plan. I did decide that I will stick with Snapshots By Victoria as my main name as my life will be full of different snapshots! Look for new website content this month. 😀

Walking up to ❄️ this morning was so exciting!!! It’s already melting but I was able to get a few photos and let the pup run in it.

“Her greatest quality isn’t fitting in. It’s being herself” Tanya Markul

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