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Just a Tuesday

It's Tuesday and I am enjoying my coffee and watching the news and yelling at the dogs to stop wrestling in the house! I am off today. I decided to take a day off in the middle of the week because Mark is working and I only have 6 more days of him working, then retirement. I wanted the peace and quiet and the ability to do whatever I wanted to do today. I have some wrapping to do and I might make some cards. If this is what retirement looks like, I might enjoy it!

Let's talk about that. I am looking forward to Mark retiring now that it is close. Even if I loose my days to myself. Since I work at home most of the time, it will be nice to have the company and a helping hand with the pups who are needy for attention most of the day. I keep thinking about what I want to do after I am done in Chicago. I think I've landed on working for a temp agency for a little bit to get a feel for what I might like to do. I love to entertain but I don't want to work evenings/weekends. Perhaps day office parties if that becomes a thing again. I would like to help out at some sort of charity - something to do with animals I think. I keep looking for jobs with NASCAR because that would be a dream job!! But for now, I trudge through my current job.

I mentioned the pups - well this week is Mercury's 1st birthday! I ordered a dog cake! I've never had to order a dog cake before. It's sorta fun. Then I saw a post with a dog with a PawSanta and now I want Mercury to see Santa! He is every bit of being puppy. He needs attention, he doesn't want to share his toys, he's a picky eater too. My dogs are lucky dogs, they have several dog beds around the house, but their favorite is my couch, yep my couch! I do cover it but a nice covering when company comes over so no one can see what a wreck it is.

This month has been filled with visitors so far. My sister came in from Colorado to celebrate Christmas with me and my other sister in Crete. We had a really fun Christkinglmarket experience at my house with a full German dinner. The following day we went to Oakbrook to shop and have a nice glass of wine, then the Arboretum for the lights and back to my house for pizza. The last day, we had Christmas at Tammy's house in Crete with a really fun game, a nice dinner and unwrapping of fun, thoughtful gifts. It was so nice to celebrate with my sisters. We haven't done that in a long time.

This past weekend we had a retirement party for Mark with the guys that work with him in the video room (there is an official name for it -SDSC Room). It was nice to have him celebrated - he deserves it. 29 years is a long time somewhere. One of the guys gave a nice speech about him and they all brought gifts. Bourbon, a decanter and a restaurant gift card. All perfect for him!

Looking forward to friends Christmas on Saturday and I can't believe it but then it's Christmas the following week! This month is flying by.

I am off to enjoy my coffee before I hit the shower.

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