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Just the Middle of June!

I finally feel like I am home, not that the Tennessee house is just a house. I headed back to Chicago last week to get the rest of the items we had and to clean it up for the next owners. We have a contract on the house and hope to close by the end of the month. It was a bittersweet trip because I also went back for a birthday and a baby shower so it was a whole lot of happy with some sad and some anxiety.

Last week my sister Cindy turned 65! She looks amazing for 65 and is in such great shape (even though she talks about her pains and aliments!) We visited her favorite pizza place in Homewood, Aurelios - boy that pizza was good that night, for breakfast and lunch the next day! She and I then drove up to Wisconsin to stay at Lake Lawn and visit Lake Geneva and Williams Bay. I pretty much grew up there - my brother had a boat in the Bay starting when I was little and kept it there until I was a teenager. We stayed at the same resort and at some point, my other brother had an apartment on the resort land. I have so many fond memories of the lake. Cindy had spent a lot of time on the sailboat too and wanted to visit one last time. It was a great two days. So relaxing and peaceful!

On Saturday, we held a baby shower for my niece Elizabeth. It was a woodland animal theme and was so cute! She got a lot of fun things for baby Jacob.

On Sunday, I brought my sister to the airport, came home and cried and then I spent most of the day with my best friend Colleen, running errands and then watching NASCAR and having pizza and Spotted Cow. My other friend Amy came over for a bit too. I sorted through a bunch of photos I had from my parents house and relived some fun memories.

I hit the road early Monday morning - it was a long drive. I was tired and emotional. However, when I hit the now familiar Hwy 27, I knew I was home. It was a feeling I hadn't had yet because of being torn between two houses. Now that the Chicago house was in the rearview mirror, I was able to experience the feeling that home is Tennessee now.

It's been a good few days since I've been home. We had the master bedroom and bathroom repainted yesterday and my flower/veggie beds are all put in and just blooming along. I am starting to get a routine, which is nice. There are some boxes to unpack and tons to organize but that will be fun.

I am ready for the weekend and what adventures we will have. I hope you all have a great weekend too!

Colleen and I at my favorite restaurant!

My sisters and me (plus Dee Dee, my sister's BFF)

My niece Elizabeth and me.

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