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Life Changes

This year has been filled with so many life changes already. I can't believe what can happen in 6 weeks. In the last few weeks, my husband and I have talked so much about our upcoming move and all of our options. It's been fun and scary all at the same time. We are both ready but we have been in the same spot for 30 years - both with our jobs and where we live. By summer, everything will be very different! We keep going back and forth about renting vs. selling. We go back and forth about insurance - his insurance or mine insurance. We go back and forth about my job, basically when do I give notice. Every day is a whirlwind.

Today we made a decision and I can't wait to share it with you - can you guess which of the items above it's about? :)

In terms of life - I haven't really talked much about everyday life. My husband, Mark - he should have a name now, has been 4 weeks since retirement and he is retired for sure! He pretty much is binge watching TV. I guess after 30 years he needs a break. I have to admit, that there have been times that I am jealous that he gets to do that. Then I try to do that or read a book for a day and I am going nuts! Continuing to work is the smart decision for me!

My daughter and her boyfriend flew in from Arizona last week and surprised us - literally - she knocked on the door and scared the crap out of us (it was 10:30 p.m.) We had a great few days together. She hasn't been home by herself (without the kids) in a long time. It was nice to spend adult time with her and her boyfriend. I am looking forward to going to visit in March though. I do miss the hugs the little guys give me!

The weather here is just so Winter, ugh! Snowing almost every day and below 20 for the last few days without a warm day in sight. The puppy misses going on walks but he will not wear dog boots!

I finished a 30 day yoga challenge that was life changing (another thing!). My back pain is mostly gone and I am way more flexible than I was in December. I have even gone to a few in person classes with my best friend. I really enjoy the flow of yoga. I have started walking on the treadmill again to get back in shape to run. I hope to be able to run a 5k in person somewhere by the time summer hits. I really miss running.

Well my loyal followers - that is a wrap for tonight. Off to have a glass of red and enjoy the evening!

My daughter and I

My best friend!

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