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Patience. I have discovered patience. I have not been a very patient person most of my life. I need something now, I can’t sit still, I get aggravated easily. Patience is something on the Flip side of Fifty. I stop and think more often about....well everything really. I don’t react like I used to. I don’t know if it is the age, menopause or the things that have changed my life in the last 12 months. Anyways, I like it. I found that I enjoy life a little better with having patience.

I started meditating at the beginning of the year. It’s a daily routine for me. It's part of my "Renew" plan (more on that in future posts) I am Lutheran and have been a Christian all my life, but I don’t solely believe in just God. I believe in a variety of things. This could become a big discussion with whomever may read this but isn’t the saying, “we don’t talk politics or religion”? A little background though. I was born into a Lutheran family, went to Lutheran grade school, lost my way during high school and my early 20s and then got married in a Lutheran church and sent my kids to Lutheran schools through high school. I was on church boards and PTL – Yes, I am that mother and my kids were grateful to go off to college where I couldn’t be on some sort of Parent Group overshadowing their every move! I currently don’t attend a church (not sure if they are even open) but I will listen to Christian music, watch Joel Osteen once in a while and I pray. So, I am a Lutheran, but I meditate, I read meditation journals, I practice yoga. All of that has helped me become a more patient person so it can’t be a bad thing!

I started today’s blog because I got irritated by a person and my patience came in to play. I sat back and looked at the text message differently and took a few breaths and then didn’t reply! Nor do I think I will. Patience. Day 3!

#patience #renew #fifty #flipside

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