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My husband official retired yesterday. He turned in his badge and got a new ID that says "Retired". This shit is real! No going back now. He was ready, I was ready but it was still a scary process. He's been working on the job for 30 years. Now there isn't an alarm clock to wake up to, no worrying about shift changes, riots, fear of being shot at. Moving into a much calmer life! Now he is pushing for me to leave my job. I will be working at least a few more months. I am still figuring out what I want to do.

We celebrated with a bottle of Dom Perignon. It was tasty. We sat in the kitchen chatting about the process of retiring - his appointment last 15 minutes. It took just 15 minutes for his career to end. Well, there were steps we took prior to his appointment so I guess it was more than 15 minutes. Then we went out to dinner to our favorite restaurant. That's it. The end of working 30 years with Dom and Dinner! Hopefully we would like to have some sort of a party if things open up this spring.

I packed up all of his uniforms, his jackets, his vest cover and his duty hat. It fit all in one tote. Again, one little tote and 30 years just fit right in there.

It's snowing today. Snow always is a sign of a new beginning to me. Clean things up. It's pretty. I love the snow.

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