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I have a secret. It's an amazing secret but it can't be shared for awhile. I am holding onto it and enjoying the pleasure it is bringing me. The secret happened last weekend and was so random. It literally has changed my life and my perspective on life. Since I can't share my secret, let me tell you about a book that made the secret happen, that and having Faith.

I am reading the book "The 5 Second Rule". It is a book about how you can change your life in 5 seconds. The idea is to count down from 5 to 1 - - Go! The go is the motivation to do what you fear, are anxious about, are scared about, anything. I am reading the book for book club and reading some of the stories in the book I am like that can't really happen, peoples lives just don't change so quickly like that. But it's true, they do! It happened to me. Literally I was sitting at my work space on Sunday last week and a person popped up on Facebook and I thought maybe I should share an idea with her. And I did and by the end of the day, she and I had worked out a plan to make my idea a reality! All because I - sent her a message! It's just amazing!

However, I can't leave out God. I am a Lutheran, baptized and raised in a Lutheran home and church. I am pretty sure I have mentioned this before. God and I haven't had a great relationship over the past 10 years. Something happened at church and I became hard against the church, religion and even God. I tried off and on to go back to church and to have a relationship with God but it wasn't working. Until my niece came into town for my daughter-in-law's wedding shower and I spent the night in a hotel room with my sisters and my niece. I had a horrible nightmare and woke up screaming. My niece saw the demons above me and prayed for me all night. But she gave me a phrase to say to God (which of course I can't remember right now). Over the next few months, when I had a nightmare, I would say this phrase. My nightmares have decreased but my relationship with God has increased. My sister gave me a bible devotional at Christmas and I now do a devotional every day, either from the book or the Bible app. My Faith has become stronger.

So in addition to gaining COURAGE through the 5 Second Rule and renewing my FAITH in God, I have a secret and it's a good secret and I can't wait to share it with you all.

Have an amazing day!

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