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Spring is coming!!

Good Monday Morning! I am sitting on my front porch listening to the birds and enjoying the warmer weather we have had. Rain is in the forecast for the week so it will be my only opportunity this week to sit and have coffee.

February was an interesting month. I walk/ran a 15k with my friend Vicky in Nashville. I haven’t gone more than 4 miles in over a year so it was an experience! We enjoyed the city live for a few day.

Our friends Geno & Elizabeth stopped over on their way to Georgia. The evening ended with Mark all busted up as he took a header over our retaining wall. He’s now in a cast with two breaks on his ankle (his driving foot no less!)

This didn’t stop me from leaving the next week for a road trip with my MoCo friend Mary as we ventured to Nebraska on what was one of the coldest weeks of the winter! Burrrr! I did get to see my good friend Terri and that made the trip worth it!

My Thirty-One business is doing well and I am booking parties and enjoying the new Spring collection.

I have also been busy outside in the gardens. I planted seedlings last week and put up a small greenhouse. I hired a contractor to build a fence around my large garden on the hill. It’s 25’ x 12’. I am anxious to put up my raised beds and get them filled.

My son and his wife came in for a quick visit. It was so fun to show them around our new community!

we are off to Chicago this week for Mark’s retirement party. I am looking forward to seeing friends and eating foods I miss!

Enjoy your week!!

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