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The answer to the question in the blog 5 days ago is that I decided to resign my position with my company. Yesterday I gave my 2 week notice. It was a very emotional day for me (to be honest, I am still very emotional). I have been with the company for almost 29 years. I started as the receptionist and ended as the Office Manager and the Administrative Assistant to our Condominium Division. I have worked in almost every department during my 29 years. I watched our office grow from about 30 people to over 90 now. I have had some really great bosses and some bosses that just didn't gel with my personality. The most favorite part of my job was always the party planning. I used to plan all of the office parties and the company wide parties. They were fun to plan and to host. With Covid, we haven't really had any parties but we did have a December Holiday Party that I planned with a scavenger hunt. It was a blast! Most of the people I started the company with have left or passed away - recently my most favorite boss passed away and that was an eye opener for me. He wasn't that old and he was living the life in Arizona. He retired about my age and had 10 great years of retirement. I want to be able to enjoy life and not have work suck the life out of me.

I will continue to work but I have a house to pack up and a house to sell. In addition to finding a house in Tennessee. (Which I can't wait to get to as I sit and look at 20" of snow in my front yard!)

I so appreciate the co-workers that have been with me through thick and thin (you know who you are!) :) I will miss them the most. We have shared so many great memories together in our 20+ years working together - yes, I have at least 7 people left in the office that I either started with or joined not long after I started. I hope our friendship stays in tack after I leave the office next week.

Thank you for reading and supporting me!

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