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The Last Christmas

The house is starting to wake up - I had the last hour or so in the quiet, putting presents under the tree and stocking stuffers in the stockings, reflecting on how this is our last Christmas in this house. It's not sad, it's melancholy. It's just Mark, Ryan, Claire and I this year. Stephanie stayed in Arizona. I just looked through my Google photos of the last few years. How the boys have grown, how the number of presents under the tree have shrunk! We placed the tree in a different spot this year because of the puppy - it would have been down the first day if it was left by the staircase! There isn't much room under the tree with it's currently placement but that's fine because the gifts are smaller but more expensive!

I am going to enjoy this last Christmas in this house I've been in for 24 year by relaxing, hanging out, eating, drinking and opening gifts. Wishing all of my friends and family a very Merry Christmas!

Photos - the puppy with this first stocking, the dogs getting Christmas treats and the tree.

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